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  • G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd
    Safe, convenient, and affordable Shipping

    At Gkay, we constantly strive to go one step ahead and always offer trustworthy services to our customers.
  • G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd
    Great shipping experience that is above the ordinary

    At Gkay, we understand that quick and reliable shipping is the key to boost the client's business.
  • G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd
    On-Time, On Task, On the Move!

    We focus on providing a compatible solution for all your shipping needs.
G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd

Imports & Clearance

We assist our esteemed clients with on-time imports and reliable clearance service at affordable prices.

G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd

Exports Service

We aid our clients in transporting their goods to their desired destination at ease and within the committed time.

G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd

Shipping Services

From custom broking to freight forwarding, we handle all the shipping services as per the client's requirement.

G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd
G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd

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Gkay Group of Company

GKay caters to the needs of all services related to, Freight forwarding, Custom Broking, Liner Agency, Cargo broker, Tristar caters to air cargo services. The company's objective is to maintain its professional identity and principles. You wouldn't be surprised; get a quote now and find out why people are coming to GKay.

Gkay group is bestowed with professional and dynamic management and a sincere co-operative and knowledgeable workforce. The team is constantly trained and tuned to the needs of the markets to adjust to the ever-changing circumstances. We have branches, Chennai, Tirupur, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore.

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We are a trusted name in the global shipping services


All the goods that you transfer with us will be safe and will the destination on-time without hassles.

G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd

Fast Delivery

We do not delay as we work 24X7 to meet your needs! Fastest delivery is our prime maxim always.

G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd


At Gkay, you can get your essential materials shipped globally at affordable prices and stress-free.

G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd

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What Our Clients Say
G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd

Excellent team to work with! Everyone is supportive and dedicated! Happy for your service!

G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd

Truly delighted with your shipping service. Your commitment and affordable pricing are appreciable.

G.K Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd

My suggestion for shipping needs is always the Gkay group of company. Your team is friendly and easy to approach.


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